Course ONA

If you need a 64-hour statement for the part "Oriëntatie op de Arbeidsmarkt" (ONA - orientation on the Dutch labour market), you can follow a separate course for this at NVA. You need language level A2 to join this course.

NVA offers 24 hours of theory for the ONA (including making the portfolio). Therefore, you need at least 40 practical hours for the statement. For practical hours (work, internship, volunteer work, etc.) you need proof, such as detailed assignments, internship reports, an employment contract or a formal letter from the volunteer organization. You take this proof with you on the first appointment (intake interview).


If you want to follow an ONA course at NVA, you can make an appointment for an intake interview. After that interview we will put you on the waiting list.
For an appointment or any questions you can contact us on 033 461 95 20.